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Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services and content about which we speak and coach.  We're also a team of people with personal and professional integrity - always seeking to include people in our team who can add valuable information and contribute great experience.  By doing that, we make ourselves more valuable and more relateable to YOU.

Life Coaching

  • Life

  • Faith

  • Family

  • Balance​

  • Health & Body​

  • Communication (Interpersonal)

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Mentorship​


SWYT has a team of individuals qualified and ready to work with you in almost any aspect of your life.  Have you gone through a difficult situation and need someone to whom you can talk?  Are you searching for answers about your faith or how to deal with issues in the home?  We can help you find answers and start breaking out of those situations and building your dreams!  Learn more...


Career Consulting


  • ​Goal Clarity

  • Resume & Interview Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Balance Work , Life, Family

  • Earning The Money You Deserve

  • Breaking Through Barriers

  • Diversity Training


Just like the rest of life, career planning is a necessity.  Many people get frustrated with job hunting or updating resumes.  Many people fall into dead-end jobs and eventually stop dreaming and start "going through the motions".  Well our team is here to help you avoid falling into that trap.  Did you know that most companies filter out a lot of candidates simply based on the layout of their resume?  Learn more...

Professional Services

  • Leadership Qualities

  • Communication (Collaboration)

  • Organizational & Management Skills

  • Listening

  • Giving & Receving Feedback

  • Team Building

  • Effectivity


Let's be honest, there are many things that could be better about our day-to-day experiences with employers, employees, colleagues, and customers/clients.  Although no workplace or business relationship could ever be issue-free, there are definitely ways to effectively resolve those issues and, most importantly, mitigate those issues or even minimize the risk of having them occur.  Learn more...


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