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We have a high-energy, intelligent team of kindhearted people who are anxious to change the lives and minds of countless people in the world through inspirational conversations, seminars and presentations.  The time is NOW and our SWYT team is ready to start changing lives!! We can't wait to come to your city, your homes, and your minds!! Our message is clear: We are a company focused on helping you grow to achieve your goals and aspire to the best that you can be confidently! It's time to break out and build dreams... START WITH YOUR THINKING!!


Aeris Forrest, CEO

Anthony Forrest, Life Coach

Aeris Forrest, BS, PCC

B.S. in Computer Science, Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Founder & CEO

Aeris has an elaborate resume as a motivational speaker, technical consultant, and counselor over the last 11 years.  She's spoken to students in high schools and colleges, for small businesses and corporations, at individual community events, and in churches to a wide array of people.  She studied Computer Science at Neumont University where she attained a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science degree.  As the CEO and Principle Consultant of SWYT Enterprises LLC, Aeris is the face of our team and delivers powerfully inspiring messages and successful, complex implementations to people around the country.  Her life experiences and stories will be used to motivate and encourages her audiences to start with THEIR thinking.

Anthony Forrest, MA

MA in Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary - Jackson

​Counselor/Mentor, Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach​

Simply put, Anthony is a natural!  He has an unmeasurable ability to engage audiences, relate and share experiences with others, and make those around him welcome him into their lives with open arms.  As a student of theology, he has now added a great depth of spiritual stability and wisdom to his arsenal of great qualities.  Those around him often share their love and admiration for Anthony - not only in a spiritual capacity but on a very relatable, human level.  His impressive knowledge, life experiences, and undeniable hilarity are often at the forefront of the positive remarks made by those whose lives he's touched.


Twitter: @pawnoramicInstagram: @pawnoramic

I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.


Florence Nightingale




Conference Room

Rashad Hughes

Salesforce Implementation Consultant


Nancy McCarthy

Ajay Forrest-Cameron

Ajay Forrest-Cameron

Director of Operations

Phone: 678.884.7998


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