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SWYT Book Club FAQs:

If you're new here and aren't quite sure how our Book Club works or what to do to join us, then here are few frequently asked questions that may help you better understand how we operate. Don't forget to register!  Start with Your Thinking...about BOOKS!  


​We are eager to connect with you in as many ways as possible. Our CEO has been considering a book club for a very long time, and she's finally gotten enough people interested in the initiative to move forward. As the cliché goes, 'Reading is Fundamental'. We feel it's very important even through adulthood to continue to read. Just like any other​ muscle, the brain needs to be exercised regularly. Reading is a great tool for that.We're a team or lifelong learners. Aeris never stops learning and continually seeks opportunities to grow personally, professionally, spiritually, etc. This book club is here to serve that purpose - mental exercise and growth. Books prompts valuable thought and exercise the mind on a deeper intellectual level. If you would like to join us, you can register below!


What type of people will make up the club?

We don’t have a discrimitory general idea about the type of people who join the club.  The idea here it to be inclusive.  That include people who are interested in personal, professional, spiritual, etc growth. The idea is to share a journey – regardless of who’s in the passenger seat. If the only thing we have in common ends up being our love of reading (or the desire to have that love), that’s fine by us.


What types of books will your club primarily read?

The goal is to start with purposeful books - ones that prompt valuable thought and exercise the mind on a deeper intellectual level. We also intend to take some feedback from YOU about your interests and things that are important to you. Books about travel, biographies, etc are all welcome. We will do a monthly theme or maybe just a book a month and switch it up regularly so as not to create fatigue or boredom.


If you haven't already registered, please do so that we can hear your feedback about what you'd like to read.


Where will book club meetings be held?

Our Meeting Place

The location of our book club meetings — a restaurant, library, or your living room — influence the number of members in the club and vice versa.  Ideally, no one member will have to host every meeting of the club.  Club members are often willing—and usually eager—to host a meeting of the club at their house. Still, no one should feel obligated to host a meeting in their home.


Other options for larger book clubs include meeting areas at bookstores, churches, YMCAs, restaurants or hotels. (Some of these may charge a fee — we will check before we commit.)


Our Virtual Meeting Place

We will also have online access for our club meetins in order to include our friends and peers from around the world to join us.  This conference bridge will be established and shared prior to the meeting with the necessary date and time information.  That way we never have to worry about a meeting space, appetizers or cleaning up — and our favorite people (YOU) can drop in anytime!


You will have to help us out here.  The challenge is to make sure members are reading at roughly the same speed so no one gives away the juicy parts! Before we/you post a message or answer someone's question, we/you will need to read the responses we've/you've missed so you know how far everyone's read.


**We'll recommend that everyone has read at least a certain number of chapters and has at least one question they'd like the club to discuss.

**Refreshments may or may not be served.  The details will be included in the invitation for each book club meeting


Who will lead the book club meetings? Will it be the same person every time, or the person who suggested the book? 

The person who suggested the book will lead the book club meeting. If that person is not comfortable leading the club, then someone else can volunteer or a SWYT representative present may lead the meeting. No one should be afraid though. We’re all here to be supportive and understanding and share our thoughts and love of reading. ;-)


Questions will be submitted prior to the start of each meeting so as to direct our conversation.


Is there a price limit to the books you'll be reading? Paperbacks only, for instance?

There isn't a price limit.  However, we will do comparison shopping for the best value on books from our team as well as suggested books from YOU.  The version (paperback, hardcover, electronic, etc) is completely up to you.


How can I suggest my books for the club?

Everyone attending the first book club meeting should bring two book suggestions, so we will expect and encourage you to share your ideas there.  Also throughout the life of the club, we welcome your suggestions in meetings or by sharing them with us via email at


We group may be able to reach a consensus on the first book everyone will be reading. If, however, we haven't reached a decision after 30 minutes or so, we will try one or more of these techniques.

  • Take a vote. After everyone has presented their suggestions take a vote on each title. If we have a tie, we will have another vote.

  • Simply take turns. Go alphabetically, by birthdays, or by whatever order we decide. Whoever's turn it is selects the next book to be read.

  • Take a blind vote. This is a little more time consuming, but allows everyone to cast their vote anonymously.  We will distribute a survey for you to vote on each title under consideration by submitting that survey anonymously. The title with the most "yes" votes wins.

  • Leave it to providence. We will write down the title of each book, then put them all "in the bowl" and have someone randomly pick one (or more).

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